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Child Sex Abuse

Portland Child Sex Abuse and Child Molestation Lawyers

Children are among the most physically and emotionally vulnerable members of our society. When adults take advantage of that vulnerability for the purposes of sexual gratification, the damage it causes can be profound and long-lasting.

Most crimes against children are by individuals the child trusts. Children and adult survivors of childhood abuse are often reluctant to speak about it due to fear of not being believed, or confusion or shame over the incident. Child molesters can be anyone: family members, acquaintances, strangers, counselors, Boy Scout troop leaders, teachers, child care providers, coaches, or members of the clergy.

Shattered trust is not easily restored. The attorneys at Long Law PC believe that sexual abuse victims and their families deserve access to the judicial system. By confronting perpetrators and holding accountable the individuals and institutions who harmed them, children are safer. Even if the abuser is found not guilty, or not even charged in a criminal case, you may have a civil claim for damages against the abuser or other institutions or parties responsible for the abuse.

The biggest defense to claims of sexual abuse is the passage of time. Under Oregon law, you may file a lawsuit for sexual abuse up to the age of forty, and under certain circumstances, after the age of forty. If the sexual offender was a public employee, the statute of limitations may be shorter. We often represent victims even when their sexual abuse or rape occurred decades ago. It may not be to late for you to pursue legal action.
If you or your child is victim of child molestation, contact Long Law PC to assert your rights against the abuser and any parties responsible for the crimes against you.

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