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Clergy Sexual Abuse of Adults

Attorneys for Adult Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Members of the Clergy

Many adults seek counseling from pastors and find great relief and solace from this relationship. Occasionally, pastors abuse this trust by entering into sexual relationships with their congregants. Like therapists, pastors who serve as counselors abuse their power by exploiting the vulnerability and dependence of individuals under their guidance.

About nine states actually have criminal statutes making it a crime for a member of the clergy to have sexual relations with a congregant. Although Oregon does not have such a criminal statute, the law does recognizes a civil cause of action against pastors and other members of the clergy who enter into sexual relationships with individuals with whom they are counseling. The statute of limitations is typically two years from the last incident of abuse.

If you have been sexually abused or exploited by a member of the clergy, contact Long Law PC to assert your rights.

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