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Clergy Sexual Abuse

Attorneys for Survivors of Sexual Abuse by Members of the Clergy

Sexual abuse by religious leaders occurs at an alarming rate. Religious institutions provide a sexual predator the opportunity to groom victims in a setting where there is implied trust. Due to the insular nature of church organizations and their belief in handling crimes or abuse within the church rather than with law enforcement, many of the most serious offenses go unreported both by victims and church organizations.

If you or your loved one suffered sexual molestation by a pastor, priest, rabbi, or other clergy member, we encourage you to confront your abusers as well as the church organizations that may have caused, covered-up, or neglectfully handled your abuse case. By pursuing a civil lawsuit, you can help expose the abusers and church organizations that neglected to report your abuse and help prevent future sexual crimes.
If you have suffered abuse by a member of the clergy, contact Long Law PC to assert your rights against your abuser and the church organizations responsible for those crimes.

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