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Volunteer Organization Abuse

Volunteer Organization Sexual Abuse Lawyers

At Long Law PC, we advocate on behalf of victims of sexual abuse committed by volunteers at organizations such as the Boy Scouts of America, the Salvation Army, Camp Fire Girls, Girl Scouts, Little League, and the Big Brother program.

Many volunteer organizations take on the responsibility of caring for children. Unfortunately many of these agencies do not properly screen the volunteers as a result leave vulnerable children in the hands of sexual predators. If you or a child you know was abused while under the care of a volunteer organization, you deserve the opportunity to assert your rights against an abuser and the institution that housed the abuse.

No child should suffer at the hands of a neglectful institution. We will help you assert your rights against your abuser and any organization responsible for the child sex crimes against you.

While we understand the many social benefits that these volunteer organizations provide, we also believe that they should be held accountable when dangerous relationships are fostered, particularly when that abuse is neglected or egregiously concealed. We are skilled in the investigation of volunteer organization abuse and will work with any victim and their family to pursue justice and compensation.

It is to the benefit of other survivors and potential victims to expose abuse. Though the criminal process is one way of exposing abusers, you may be more effective in preventing future abuse through the exposure of abuse and the institutions responsible for it in a civil trial.

Don't be ashamed to talk confidentially with a compassionate lawyer.Our child sex crimes attorney will work with you to discreetly and effectively handle your case. If you are reluctant to use your own name, we can file your claim anonymously, and we can also refer you to appropriate treatment resources for dealing with the trauma of the injury.

Long Law PC is a law firm that handles child sexual misconduct cases and is dedicated to asserting the rights of victims against negligent volunteer organizations. Contact us for a free initial consultation regarding your case.

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