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State Liability

State Liability for Sexual Abuse

The State of Oregon has a major role in assigning the guardianship of children. For example, where a child is negligently placed under the care of a sexually abusive foster parent, the state may be liable for damages. At Long Law PC, our law firm is experienced in representing the victims of sex crimes while in the care of the state. Whether you were abused while in foster care, a juvenile detention center, or in prison, you are entitled to civil damages against your abuser as well as the agencies responsible for that abuse.

DHS/Foster home abuse

When a child is placed under the care of a sexually abusive foster parent, the state may be liable for failure to screen the foster parent as well as a failure to make sure that the child is safe within the home. If you are a child victim of foster home abuse (you were abused while in foster care), you may have a claim against your abusers as well as the state and state agencies responsible for your abuse.

Oregon Youth Authority abuse

The Oregon Youth Authority is a state agency that cares for juveniles convicted of crimes. Unfortunately, some juveniles under the supervision of the Oregon Youth Authority fall victim to sexual abuse. At Long Law PC, we are experienced in the investigation of sexual abuse crimes and represent individuals seeking civil damages against their abusers and the institutions that fostered the abuse, including the Oregon Youth Authority. If you were abused, do not hesitate to contact our offices. We can provide you with the legal support you need to seek justice and compensation, as well as refer you to appropriate treatment resources.

The law provides strict deadlines for bringing personal injury claims for sex abuse against the State of Oregon. Contact Long Law PC if you are interested in learning more about sex crimes and state liability.

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