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Employee Misconduct

Sexual abuse often takes place when there is a level of trust established between the victim and a stranger. In some cases, the sexual abuse occurs when you allow an employee into your home to perform electric work, plumbing assistance, cable operation, or other services. In other cases, an employee may sexually abuse you while giving a massage, performing a medical exam, or even driving a cab.

At Long Law PC, we are experienced in representing the victims of sexual abuse in pursuing civil actions against their abusers and negligent employers in a variety of circumstances. If you were injured by the employee of an institution or company you trusted, you may be entitled to recover compensation.

Our Portland, Oregon based attorneys are experienced in the investigation of employee misconduct and in identifying the potential sources of liability. Commonly, employees are not properly screened. Where an employer failed to do a proper background check or screen an employee before allowing them to work privately with a client, the employer may be held accountable for those sex crimes.

If you have suffered sexual abuse or employee misconduct, contact Long Law PC to assert your rights against your abuser and any persons responsible for the crimes against you.

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