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Sexual Abuse in School

To discover that your child was sexually abused by a teacher, administrator, coach, or another student can be devastating. At Long Law PC, we are dedicated to helping the victims and families of school sexual abuse receive compensation through civil lawsuits against schools and educational employees.

When there is abuse in a school environment, there are usually a number of individuals and agencies responsible for the abuse. A teacher may not have been properly screened, warning signs may have been ignored, and actual abuse may have been concealed at the hands of administrators. A child may have experienced sexual bullying from another student and brushed off by school administrators.

The lawyers at Long Law PC will thoroughly investigate your case and identify every individual or agency responsible for your abuse. We will give you the voice you need to tell your story and recover the compensation that you deserve.
If you or you child has suffered sexual misconduct at school, contact Long Law PC to assert your rights against your abuser and any persons responsible for the crimes against you.

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